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What is Proximate

Proximate is Mobile Marketing Platform and Location Aware App with Beacon TechnologyProximate Platform for proximity marketing, provides opportunity and ability to merchants to inform, greet, engage and delight their customer at places around them. It’s a one-stop, fully integrated, affordable solution that enables you to get ahead of the competition and own the one-to-one customer relationship.

our services

Marcus Doe

Beacon Hardware

CR 2477 replaceable battery beacons with range of 5m-70m and waterproof casing.

Elena Taylor

Mobile App

Mobile Application for alerts and stroll options along with many other features.

Cris Nilson

Proximate Campaigns and Analytics Platform

Proximate Cloud Based Platform will enable to define context based campaigns and provide detailed Analytics and Reports.

Business & Benefits

Attract increased footfall to your retail presence, interact with consumers, send targeted offerings, and measure effectiveness of such campaigns efficiently. Enhance consumer experience by providing relevant content at the right time, with unique engagement options as well as ads and
promotions when they’re near.

Drive incremental footfall to stores

Guide shoppers directly to shelf

Leverage mobile for in-store experience

Bolster omnichannel marketing compaign

Drive brand equity and competitive differentiation

Attract high value demographics

Why choose us

With proximate, you have the ability to send specific marketing content, develop indoor maps, measure and analyze footfall, deliver hyper-local sevices, and track assests. This empowers you to communicate the right offer at the right location at the right time, creating a positive impact on your customers and your business.

Why to choose us

Use mobile instead of other communication methods. Mobile give you a direct one-to-one relationship with your customers.

Wayfinder makes it easy for shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for through searchable maps and directions.

Get a Digital sales associate to drive sales of specific products and trigger content (text and videos, coupons) when a customer is within proximity.

Integrate with your core systems to deliver personalized content when customers walk through your door. The solution delivers relevant, contextual offers and customized service that elevates customer experience.

Through easy to use dashboards, understand which marketing messages your customers respond to, where they go in your stories, which areas get the most traffic, which products sell better than others, and more.

Use Cases

Engage consumers at the right time and the right place







Real Estate


Mobile Marketing at a Glance

It's Big


in size by 2014 ($ 139 billions in 2012)


Smartphones Globally


Smartphones users are between age 25-34 )


8X(800% more)

Mobile coupons used vs emails coupons

10X(1000% more)

Mobile coupons used vs print coupons

5X(1000% more)

Mobile Ads Perform better than online ads

Easy Reach


use smartphones while they shop


Prefer mobile Apps vs Websites


open text messages in 3 minutes

Pricing Tables

    • Emerging Business

    • $55/month

      • 1 Location
      • 2 Beacons
      • 3 Promotions per month
      • 2 Merchant Portal Users
      • 8x5 Email Support
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    • SME

    • $110/month

      • 2 Location
      • 4 Beacons
      • 10 Promotions per month
      • 5 Merchant Portal Users
      • 3 SFA Tablet Application Users
      • 8x5 Email Support
    • Sign Up
    • Medium Enterprise

    • $250/month

      • 5 Location
      • 10 Beacons
      • 20 Promotions per month
      • 10 Merchant Portal Users
      • 10 SFA Tablet Application Users
      • 12x7 Email & Phone Support
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    • Large

    • $600/month

      • 20+ Location
      • 25 Beacons
      • 30 Promotions per month
      • 25 Merchant Portal Users
      • 25 SFA Tablet Application Users
      • 12x7 Email & Phone Support
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    • Enterprise License

      • Unlimited Location
      • Unlimited Beacons
      • Unlimited Promotions per month
      • Unlimited Merchant Portal Users
      • Unlimited SFA Tablet Application Users
      • 24x7 Email & Phone Support
    • Call For Quotation
    • Additional Access

      • $50 per Additional Beacon
      • $35 per Additional Portal User
      • $50 per Additional SFA Tablet User
      • 25 Merchant Portal Users
      • 25 SFA Tablet Application Users
    • Value Added Services

      • Advertisement ( $100 per month for Text+Image, $300 for Text+Video)
      • Survey Module ($50 for 50 Users, $100 for 150 Users, $200 for 500 Users)
      • Lucky Coupon ( 1000 Lucky Coupons for $30 )
      • Gift Vouchers (100 Vouchers Issuance for $30)
      • Punch Card (100 Punch Cards for $30)
      • eTickets ( $30 for 100 eTickets)
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    • Upcoming Services

      • Delegates Enablement
      • Loyalty Points Management
      • Premium Portal Access
      • Queue Management
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