Let the best deals and promotions find you

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and deals
with real-time notifications

Customize notifications to your personal preferences

Follow your favorite brands and never
miss an offer

Add gift vouchers

Never carry cutouts again; Proximate handles vouchers for you

Win loyalty points redeemable at your favorite outlets

Earn points for shopping, redeem points for exclusive discounts and deals

Always find your favorite stores with Wayfinder

Find your favorite retailers easily with Wayfinder’s step-by-step guide

Don’t miss out on anything with Stroll

Stroll keeps track of your steps and deals without pestering you with notifications, presenting all your tracked info in an organized timeline

How it Works

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About Us

Proximate is your handy shopping partner and location-aware app with beacon technology.

Proximate enables you to keep track of every deal and promotion near you. With beacon technology, Proximate notifies you about current promotions when you pass by a certain store. With notifications tailored to your preferences.

Proximate provides notifications that disappear over time to avoid clutter and ensure a great customer experience.

Proximate is available on the AppStore and Google Play.